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              Energy efficiency grade of screw air compressor, illustration and comparison
              Input specific power of 7.3 KW/ (m3/min) (Level 1 [(Level 2) 8.4-7.3 (Level 1)] x 3.33 (exhaust) x 8000 (H) =29304 (element) is the same 18.5KW air compressor running 8000 hours a year, air compressor energy than air press save 29304 yuan electricity two levels of energy efficiency.
              If you are using the screw air compressor 18.5KW level two, then in the first year of screw air compressor used in electricity, you pay more than you buy screw air compressor to pay the purchase cost. Therefore, to reduce the air compressor operation cost is very important, is the key to energy saving, you deserve serious consideration.
              Energy efficiency rating is the energy efficiency ratio, level 1 the highest power, 2 class, and so on! Energy efficiency label is attached a label on the product, used to express with energy efficiency rating, energy consumption and other indicators can product.
              At present, more than 100 countries have implemented energy efficiency labeling system. Color coded as blue and white background, air compressor energy efficiency rating of 1, 2, 3, a total of 3 grades, grade 1 products reached the international advanced level, the energy saving, the minimum energy consumption; Level 2 indicates a comparison saving; grade 3 represents the average level of energy efficiency products for the Chinese market; energy efficiency logo back at the top of viscous, marked "China energy efficiency labeling" (CHINA ENERGY LABEL) color label, generally pasted on the front panel of the product. The information content of compressor energy efficiency labeling including producers, models, energy efficiency rating, input power, according to the national standard. Energy efficiency standards and energy efficiency labeling has been shown to reduce energy consumption in the way the best cost-effective, also will bring great environmental benefits, but also provide a positive return for consumers.
              According to the results of recent studies, the formulation and effective implementation of the new energy efficiency standards and energy label, improve product energy efficiency level and consumer awareness of energy conservation. Such as air compressor running 8000 hours a year, the industrial use of electricity by 1 yuan / degree calculating motor power is 18.5KW, the exhaust volume of 3.33m3/min, the discharge pressure is 0.8MPa (air)
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